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Today I was at the store.  At the checkout, you say your usual howdy and how are you to the Cashier.  She had a defeated tone and said she wasn't having a good day.  I asked why.. Then she told me, her car broke down and was at the service station and she was afraid it was going to be towed away while she was at work and couldn't get the starter fixed.  Then she said she tried to start it and it did a clicking noise.  I told her that sounded like the battery not the starter.  I said "I will say a prayer for you" and left.  She seemed grateful.  Before I left she told me she lives in her car...
On my way home, I was saying a prayer.  That's when a very strong thought came to me to go back and get her keys and see what could be done.  I have heard God's prompting and knew to turn around.  I got her keys, went to the service station and  looked at her car.  I had to get a couple men to help me open the hood and they were lovely to help.  It did take both of them.  They heard the clicking and said it was a dead battery.  I charged it for a long time and then drove it to her job and parked it.  When she got the keys, she was blown away.  Her sad little face was thrilled with joy and smiles.  Now for the best part.  I walked back to the Service Station to get my car.  It wasn't far.  The moment I started it.  This song was playing.. DO SOMETHING   by Matthew West WOW GOD IS SO LOVING, SO AMAZING.. HE IS THE GOD OF LITTLE THINGS AND CARES SO MUCH FOR PEOPLE.  I SO LOVE GOD'S HUGS.  He cared about that scared little lady and helped her.  Kinda neat He used me!  Oh yeah : )   Lynn

One day, when I was going thru a difficult time in my life, I was sitting in my rocking chair and I said aloud, "Jesus, are you real?"  Suddenly my eyelids began to flutter uncontrollably and I fell asleep.  In my dream, I went into the kitchen and Jesus was there.  He blinded me and asked "Do you believe in me now?"  I cried and fell to my knees begging for mercy.  Jesus said "open your eyes" and when I did, I woke up.   Dawn

My Mom was a loving lady.  With 5 kids, she had alot on her plate.  I remember going to church on Sundays and when
I would start to get bored and get figity she would reach over and give me a slight pinch.  It didn't hurt really, but I got
the message. It was a Catholic church so when you sat there and they spoke the sermon in a foreign language, there
wasn't much to listen to.  On top of it, people were smoking so I watched the clouds of smoke around the church.

As Catholics, we were never taught the truth of following Lord Jesus and what it meant to ask Him into our hearts and
lives.  A choice you make to accept Him as your Lord and Saviour.  There were statues, but they didn't speak either.
After finding the truth of our Lord and asking Him into my life, I was telling my Mom about it. She didn't know and I
explained to her what it meant to be "Born Again"  That when you are born as a little baby, you are born in the flesh.
But, when you ask Jesus to come into your life, you are Born Again, in the spirit.  She listened and I felt she got it.
A couple weeks later.  Mom called and she said "Honey, Momma's born again"  YES!!!  My Mom had Jesus as her Lord and  Saviour..

Right before she died, they had kicked us out of the room while they tried to save her.  The nurses later told us, as mom departed, she looked up in the corner of the room and said "Its ok Lord, I'm ready" and left her body. Ramona
My Dad was loving and worked hard.  He was a brick layer and I worked with him for years...         I love him so much. Not sure what holiday it was, but I think it was father's day.  I don't REMEMBER.  I wrote 'Dad' on a brick and put it on  a dish..after few days I would see it and REMEMBER him each time I looked at it.  There was that heart drop feeling each time I looked at the brick... We moved to a new place and I took brick that makes me REMEMBER my Dad. Every time I saw it, I got that heart drop feeling.  I would have felt bad getting rid of I put to the side just showing a little.  A few minutes later a friend walked up was talking about stuff and  he moved the brick all the way back so you could not see it.  I think he did to help my tool cabnet from falling...and I thought wow was that a sign from JESUS. .You dont have to REMEMBER... a love that goes to be with JESUS..because you will never why do you need to REMEMBER.                                                                                                                  Mark

When my dad was in ICU I played the song Precious Memories by Andy Griffith in his room. He, my Dad, belted out "How Great Thou Art" with me. A holy Presence filled the room and the nurses stood amazed outside of his room.They said, "Is that gospel music he is singing? He is barely strong enough to talk, how is he singing" it was a memory I will always cherish.

That took place pretty close to his death, maybe a month or so before. A couple months prior during another hospital visit, he and I and my mom sang the hymns on the cd together in his hospital room. A nurse stopped in and I said, "Oh, I'm sorry, are we making too much noise. We'll be quieter." She said, "No, not at all, it sounds beautiful and the patients are enjoying hearing it too."
Enjoy the song.   Kathy

Heres the deal that would seem impossible. You have a Christian that gave his life to Christ when he was 12 years old at a Billy Graham revival. He lived Christ. Didn't cuss, didn't drink, was HONEST and would help everyone. Literally. Be it someone on the side of the road, a lady getting her purse stolen and Bill ran after the theif and got it back for her. Just who he was. Then... me. Tell anyone off in a blink. Used the F word constantly. While Bill was on the Deans List at college, I was manuvering skipping school, sneaking up and getting answers out of the teachers book for the test while she was not in the classroom. (No cameras back then lol) I could sign my mothers name to the report card bettter than she could. I guess you get the idea of how different we were. And yet... God had another plan in mind. He had these two kids on the opposite side of the country meet. We met on Aug. 4 1972 was engaged in two weeks and married in two months. Weird, cuz I kept trying to get Bill to say this swear or that and he would simply say NO. I thought that was weird. On our first date he hopped out of the car and went up to the donut shop. I was so ticked, I sat there. He turned around and saw I wasn't there. He was confused and came back down to the car to see what was wrong. I told him flat out, he didn't open my car door for me. Being from Texas, you open a Lady's door. Now for the weird part. When this super sweet Christian guy would drive past a cemetary, he turned down the music out of respect. I was shocked because whenever this big mouth fighten girl from Texas drove past a cemetary, I would turn the music down out of respect. Isn't it amazing how God got these two people together. Then the man who would never tell anyone what to do, told me he was going to Texas when my brother in law was being shipped back from Ft. Devens. And... the girl that would never let anyone tell her what to do, said ok.... We were married today 43 years ago. I am having such a hard time. It hurts so bad not having him. I was quite mad at God so when the Christian music came on that I listen to on the radio... I SAID NUTS AND TURNED IT OFF. So there! I turned the corner and this rug I have bought moved forward and hit the radio back on...God still loves me. The song that just started playing was Just be Held. I LOVE THAT GOD is not done with me yet and still loves me. The one who messes up SO MUCH. I LOVE that God gave me my Soul Mate. This song started playing

So today I was in KMart, the store where Bill and I met. I always walk down the isle where we saw eachother for the first time. Through the years, I would let Bill know what a pain in the butt I am only using the B word. What was his response? No your not, your just Sassy. Kinda neat how out of the whole store, God has toys hung up right where we met with the name SASSY. I shared the story with a woman in line since we were waiting. She hugged me and said thats how great God is and that was a God hug! Amazing how God had me right there to share with her and it made her so happy. Plus I got a hug from God through that sweet lady. She was thrilled to get the website to see the Jesus tree picture too! I LOVE YOU FATHER GOD Thank you.